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Our Philosophy


It is simple:


    Eat Living foods from the Earth and you will be Energized, Focused & Vibrant.  

Raw fruits and vegetable provide the body with the most potent form of life force energy. Life Force energy heals and beautifies.  Incorporating more plant foods into your life to purify, rejuvenate, uplift and energize every cell in your body.  

Get ready to become energized, healthy and bright at Blend & Press Wellness Bar.     

Location & Hours


  Meet us at the intersection of Health, Wellness & Fitness. We are located in the center of Savannah just inside of the door of The HUB. All are welcome -no need to work up a sweat to reward yourself at our wellness bar. BLEND & PRESS Wellness bar is your ideal on-the-go solution for clean plant based wellness.  


Monday  8-5 

Tuesday -Thursday  8-8 

Friday  8-5     

Saturday 8-2


4505 Habersham Street | Savannah, Gerogia 31405 | 912-401-2594  blendandpresssavannah@gmail.com

just inside the HUB Savannah

Wellness Bar Education


  Plant Based Cooking Made Easy

Allow Chelsea Dye, the owner and creator of all BLEND & PRESS recipes, to introduce you to the no fail tricks & tips to going plant based. Learn to create delicious meals, snacks & vegan sweet treats that will delight and enliven you. This is the "no Dyet" way to include more plants & less junk in your life. 

Say Hello to your most Gorgeous Self!

 Inquire about pricing and details for this class. BlendandPressSavannah@gmail.com 






Cold Pressed Juice is a Nutrient Infusion. 

Juicing, as opposed to simply eating, allows us to separate fiber from the critical energy of the plant. By separating the fiber, the plants live enzymes, chlorophyll and organic water have direct access to your bloodstream like an intravenous injection! Talk about an energy boost!   

Cold Pressed Juice is Nutrition Made Easy. 

We’ve all heard about the recommended daily portions of fruit and veggies we should eat each day – but we rarely consume them. In fact, the latest dietary guidelines recommend each of us eat an average of 9 servings or 4.5 cups of fruits and veggies a day.  Our cold pressed juice will help your meet your nutrition & wellness goals.  



  We are committed to offering the best quality living food ingredients. Our Whole healthy approach to nourishing the body is unrivaled. The healing, energizing & beautifying properties of our RAW plant based juice & smoothies will make you look and feel amazing!



  We pride ourselves in creating inventive & delicious blends that will WOW you. Let your body thrive on living food without excess effort. Allow our blends to fuel you while freeing up a lot of extra energy to repair, restore & cleanse. This is also a great way to add diversity and sneak in those daily fruit and veggie servings. Plus. the fibre and custom combination of nutrients helps to take out the garbage!  

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Better yet, see us in person!

Visit us for your Daily Dose of Wellness.  We are located just inside the door of the HUB Savannah. 

BLEND & PRESS Wellness Bar

4505 Habersham St, Savannah, Georgia 31405, United States

(912) 401-2594


Monday  8-5 

Tuesday -Thursday  8-8 

Friday  8-5     

Saturday 8-2